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Remembering Your Life Story

Memories are subjective. We can remember our lives through many lenses, seeing different scenes as important at different times. Keeping a journal of personal stories remembered is way to start looking at your life as an interesting story.

Catching Memories

Imagine that your memory bank is the shore of a great ocean of stories. Cast out a line or phrase as "bait" and see if a recollection comes to the surface. If one does, "catch it" by naming it. Give it a title and write the title in your journal. No one but you needs to understand the title's meaning. Choose a title that helps you remember the memories that just came up to the surface of your ocean of stories. Later, if you choose, tell a friend the story that goes with your title. Then write out the full version in your journal.

Some "Bait" For Catching Stories

Memory-catching "bait" could be a single word, a short phrase, or a sentence. Allow yourself to cast out to your younger years to catch a memory, too.

  • Lost
  • Best Friends
  • Favorite Vacation
  • Bad Haircut
  • Scar
  • Pet
  • New House
  • Secret Hiding Place
  • Dressed Up
  • Big Trouble
  • Best Gift Given or Received
  • Favorite Relative
  • Cooking Disaster
  • First Love
  • A Moment of Bravery
  • Surprise Party
  • Best Sunset
  • Big Crowd

*Exploring Cultural Roots Through Storytelling

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