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Aesop's ABC

Fables retold by Heather Forest

A Antlers

Listen & Read Along!

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Storyteller Heather Forest brings this collection of stories to life with her vivid characterizations and clearly spoken narration.

Many Classroom Uses!

Supports Listening Skills, Imagination, Storytelling, and Reading!

B The Boy Who Cried Wolf
C The City Mouse and the Country Mouse
D The Dog and His Bone
E Everyone Agrees to Peace
F The Fox and the Crow
G The Girl and Her Bucket
H The Honest Woodcutter
I Insulting the King
J Jugs in the Water
K Keeping the Gold
L The Lion and the Mouse
M Mice in Council
N The North Wind and the Sun
O The Ox and the Frog
P The Pitcher and the Crow
Q Quarrelsome Children
R Running For His Life
S Sour Grapes
T The Tortoise and the Hare
U Under the Lion's Skin
V Visiting the Lion's Cave
W The Wolf and the Goat
X X Marks the Spot
Y You Are Beautiful As You Are
Z Zig-Zag Walk

Aesop's ABC is an educational guide published for non-commercial use by teachers in schools by:

P.O. Box 354
Huntington, NY 11743

Copyright © 1992 Heather Forest

The Animals Could Talk, a musical recording of nineteen Aesop's fables retold and sung by Heather Forest, is published by August House.

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