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A Storytelling Skills Rubric

Developed by Heather Forest

*Effective Storytelling Performance Skills
*Effective Storytelling Composition
*Self Assessment

Effective Storytelling Performance Skills

When telling a story, an effective storyteller demonstrates the following traits observable by others:

Voice Mechanics
Speaks with an appropriate volume for the audience to hear. Employs clear enunciation. Uses non-monotonous, vocal expression to clarify the meaning of the text.

Expressively uses non-verbal communication to clarify the meaning of the text.

Concentration is clear.
Eye contact with audience is engaging.
Maintains a charismatic presence in space (stage presence).

If dialogue is employed, characters are believable to listener. Storyteller's natural voice is differentiated from character voices.

Use of Space:
Storyteller seems comfortable, relaxed and confident in front of listeners. Storyteller maintains clear spatial relationships for characters and narrator.

The story is presented efficiently and keeps listeners' interest throughout.

Performance Skills Rubric

Beginner Intermediate Proficient Accomplished
Voice Mechanics
Facial Expression
Body Language & Gesture
Use of Space

Effective Storytelling Composition

Basic Story Structure
Story has a clear and engaging opening.
Story's sequence of events is easy for the listener to follow.
Story's ending has a sense of closure.

Teller's choice of language is descriptive and articulate.
If dialogue is employed, the teller's character text is clearly differentiated from the narrator's text so that the listener understands who is talking.

Teller employs a unique or creative use of language, sound, or body language.
Teller creatively presents the sequence of events.
Teller's perception of the meaning of the story is artfully expressed or suggested through the telling.

Storytelling Compositional Skills Rubric:

Beginner Intermediate Proficient Accomplished
Story Structure

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